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OSK Property Berhad

OSK Property Recycles 10,000 Plastic Bottles into Uniforms

OSKP uniform launch-group photo

OSK Property announced its collaboration with GreenTech Malaysia Alliances and KLOTH Lifestyle to produce its new company uniform using recycled plastic bottles on 29 July 2016. This exercise is also a continuation of the OSK Property branding exercise following from the brand launch earlier this year, upon completion of the merger with the property arm of PJD Group.​

Through this partnership, OSK Property is also the first property development company in Malaysia to receive a partnership programme certificate from GreenTech Malaysia Alliances for its effort to support sustainable corporate transformation under the waste management initiative.

Every year, a massive number of plastic bottles is consumed in Malaysia and most plastic wastes more often than not, ends up in landfills and waterways causing devastating effects on sea life and the well-being of the environment.

Image 3OSK Property’s new uniform is made out of 40% recycled polyester ​​and 60% organic cotton – saving 8.5 plastic bottles every shirt from going into landfills and ocean.

​The regenerated polyester fibre that is made from recycled plastic bottles are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and safe to use. It also performs equally well as 100% virgin polyester.

The production of the uniquely custom made mandarin collar uniform is certified by international organisations – Scientific Certification System (SCS) and Global Recycling Standard (GRS). The overall production process has proven to use 70% less energy, and 65% less carbon emissions in comparison to normal polyester.​​