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OSK Property Berhad

Leaders of OSKP & OSKC Built a Home for an Orang Asli Family


In collaboration with EPIC Homes, the management team from property and construction went full-steam ahead to build a brand-new home for an Orang Asli family in Kampung Orang Asli Serendah. 34 leaders from OSK participated in this CSR project, “The Epic Build 2.0”, to provide Airy, his wife and their 3 children a new family home.

The three-day build from August 4-6, aptly named EPIC Build, saw the completion of a 640   sq ft 6-module house with a foyer, two bedrooms with doors, kitchen, ceiling storage and living room that was built from scratch. Previously, the family lived in a potentially unsafe environment due to the unsound structure of their house.


The management team putting their hard work together under the hot weather.

Throughout the 3-day journey, OSK leaders witnessed a life-changing experience where they were taught to build the house from the ground up with guidance from the Master Builders and Specialists from The EPIC Homes team. Despite the hot weather, the team were undeterred and managed to sustain a great teamwork spirit and enthusiasm to complete the build within the time period.


Airy and Faridah was ushered to their new home.


The tears of joy on Airy and Faridah’s faces upon receiving the keys proved that all the sweat and hard work of our team had paid off. Bravo to our management team for leading by example to complete the amazing build! The camaraderie, enthusiasm, passion and dedication to build a new home for this family made the journey an exhilarating and memorable one for the team.

Ong Ju Xing, Group Deputy Managing Director, handing over the keys to the Orang Asli couple.