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OSK Property Berhad

It’s Kids’ Show Time!

From 12 – 13 August 2017, OSK Property held “Kids’ Talent Day” at Iringan Bayu Sales Office, Seremban 2. It was a joint event with World Sport Stacking Association Negeri Sembilan (WSSA NS), Uneo Art Studio and P&C Kids Public Speaking to provide a platform for the children to develop their skills and to cultivate their talents.

The 2-day event captured an overwhelming response where over 200 children, ranging from 4 to 12 years old participated in various competitions which include sport-stacking, story-telling and colouring contests.

Among 89 participants for the Sport-staking Competition, 6-year-old Wan Hao Ming emerged as the winner for two categories, the 3-3-3 formation and cycle routine with the record of 2.748 and 10.666 seconds respectively. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Wong Chee Hong completed the 3-3-3 formation in lightning speed, setting an amazing record of 1.948 seconds.

IMG_5547 IMG_5498

Capturing the attention of the judges and the crowd, Jess Chong, from the 7-9 years old category and Choo En Chi, from 10-12 years old category were the winners of the Story-telling Competition as they portrayed great showmanship and delivered their stories with charisma.

IMG_5969 IMG_5963

The colouring contest had the most participants with 96 children showcasing their colouring techniques, presenting their best artworks to the judges. 9-year-old Toh Sin Yearn and 11-year-old Tan Yan Rong were selected as the winners under their respective age categories.

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Other activities such as sand-art and magnet-drawing workshops were held to keep the families entertained throughout the 2-day event.

All in all, Kids’ Talent Day has certainly left a fond memory for the children as the event provided a good platform for them to build self-confidence and showcase their talents and skills.