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OSK Property Berhad

OSK Property joins EPIC Homes to provide a better living condition for Orang Asli family

OSK Property joins EPIC Homes to provide a better living condition for Orang Asli family

A New Home Built in Just Three Days


Gopeng, Perak, 30 July 2017 – OSK Property built a brand new home in just three days for an Orang Asli family in need. Funded by OSK Foundation and a collaboration with EPIC Homes – a social organisation which focuses on the welfare of Orang Asli community, 35 OSK Property staff alongside EPIC Homes team, handed over the new home to the family of seven to accommodate them with better living condition and environment for the well-being of the entire household.


The family includes Mr. Bah Mat and three generations of his family who have been living in an inadequate home with non-conducive environment. According to the Orang Asli Development Strategic Plan 2011, 82% of the total population of 180,000 Orang Asli communities in Peninsular Malaysia are in need of housing aids and approximately 12,000 families are currently living in the poor housing conditions.


“As a property developer, our core business is to provide homes for our community and we are disheartened by the statistics of the living conditions of the Orang Asli. This intrigues us to take a step and shoulder the responsibility to improve the living conditions of the Orang Asli community,” said Ong Ghee Bin, Chief Executive Officer of OSK Property.


“All of us have the ability in bringing hope and making a difference in one’s life. Participating in this meaningful home-building programme allows us not only to help the community but also to take a step back to reflect and remember our core responsibility as a developer – building homes, not just houses,” he highlighted.


As a result, a 6-module home was built for the family which includes a living room, foyer, kitchen, ceiling storage and three bedrooms. The success of the build inspires OSK Property to extend the effort in improving the lives of the community.


“An adequate living condition brings stability in one’s livelihood, well-being and safety. We hope that our humble effort in providing a new home to Mr. Bah Mat and his family will help them to improve their quality of life. Through these initiatives, we hope that we are able to foster an environment of comfort that empowers them in their growth and development of their children and community while upholding their strong heritage as the natives of Malaysia,” said Ong Ghee Bin.


Lending a helping hand – An OSKP employee guiding an Orang Asli child as he paints the window frame


Working as a team – Orang Asli from the surrounding community all came together to help complete the new home


The enthusiasm and commitment by the volunteers kept them motivated to complete the home for the family.


The team has made great progress on the last day of the build.


Home sweet home – Completing the final touch-up in painting and housekeeping before inviting Mr. Bah Mat and his family to their new home.


Mission accomplished!: 35 OSK Property volunteers and EPIC Homes team alongside the Orang Asli villagers have successfully built a new home for Mr. Bah Mat and his family. What an EPIC Build!